Addiction Re-entry Program

Individuals struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol often require professional help to cease their use of the substance.  The assistance of addiction treatment specialists has been proven to be successful in helping individuals achieve a full recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.  Drug and alcohol treatment has shown to be most effective in long-term programs.  The first step would be for the drug or alcohol-addicted individual to admit themselves to a medically assisted inpatient drug and alcohol detox facility

Once the addicted individual has stabilized from the withdrawal symptoms of drugs or alcohol, they can begin to address the underlying issues of their addiction.  This can be done in a residential drug and alcohol treatment program or through an outpatient drug and alcohol program.  Whichever options the individual chooses, studies have shown that the longer an individual is in a program for their substance use disorder, the more likely they are to achieve a positive treatment outcome.  For an outpatient addiction treatment program, this can be done through several levels of care ranging from a Day Treatment Program, a Half-Day Treatment Program, and more. 

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For Massachusetts residents, these levels of care can be found at Power of Recovery, a drug and alcohol rehab in Revere, MA. The team at Power of Recovery understands that the process of addressing these underlying issues that fuel an individual’s drug or alcohol addiction takes time. An individual can start their treatment program at the highest level of care, the Day Treatment Program at Power of Recovery. Once an individual has learned coping mechanism and are able to identify their triggers, they can progress to Power of Recovery’s Half-Day Treatment Program. The Half-Day Treatment Program offered at Power of Recovery, in Revere, MA, allows for more flexibility for the individual as they begin to acclimate back to their everyday life. The final level of care offered at Power of Recovery is our Re-entry Program. This Program allows the drug or alcohol-addicted individual to stay connected to the support system they have established during the course of their drug or alcohol treatment.

The Re-entry Program at Power of Recovery in Revere, Massachusetts

The Outpatient Program offered at Power of Recovery will build even further upon the treatment that the drug or alcohol- addicted individual has experienced at this point.  The OP Program is ideal for those who are ready to return to family, work, or social obligations in their life but still feel as though they have more work to do in their recovery from drugs or alcohol.  Power of Recovery’s Re-entry Program in Revere, MA consists of one hour of individual therapy each week along with one group therapy session each week. 

The individual therapy provided in this Program at Power of Recovery allows for one-on-one counseling for the individual. This allows for individuals to continue working with their therapist on their personal issues, management of symptoms from co-occurring disorders, or provide family counseling. During the group therapy session, an individual in this Program gets to stay connected to individuals who played a part of their recovery and continue working on establishing life-skills, coping strategies for stress and anger, or learn more about the disease of addiction. 

By maintaining accountability and committing to further treatment an individual will continue working on their overall goal of long-term sobriety. Individuals participating in Power of Recovery’s Re-entry Program will benefit from continued therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Trauma-Informed Therapy. 

The Re-entry Program at Power of Recovery includes the following services:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Case Management Services
  • Medication Management
  • Telehealth Services
  • Family Counseling Services

By continuing their treatment through this Program at Power of Recovery, the drug or alcohol-addicted individual will strengthen their relapse prevention plan, build upon their interpersonal skills, and be able to identify the triggers in their life and address them in a healthy way.

What are the Benefits to the Re-entry Program at Power of Recovery, Located in Revere, MA?

The flexibility of this Program at Power of Recovery allows individuals to return to their day-to-day life.  By committing to merely two hours a week, individuals will receive continuing care for their substance abuse.  This Program at Power of Recovery will still provide structure due to the accountability between the counselor-client relationship by setting up a time each week to meet for individual therapy sessions.  This sense of accountability and structure is crucial in a drug or alcohol addiction individual’s early recovery.

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