Day Treatment Program

For those individuals struggling with substance abuse, it can seem like an impossible task to get break free from the grips of addiction. At Power of Recovery, located in Revere, Massachusetts, we understand the addiction process. Our team of experienced clinicians and counselors have made it our mission to provide a safe, structured environment where a drug or alcohol-addicted individual can receive the help they need. 

Through our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program in Revere, MA we will utilize proven methods to address the root causes of personal addiction. The team at Power of Recovery will work to formulate an individualized treatment plan for each of our clients that is catered to their needs, with the goal being full recovery from addiction. We offer several levels of care for individuals seeking treatment to better accommodate the various schedules people may have. The levels of care offered include Day Treatment, Half-Day Treatment, and Re-Entry Program.  Our highest level of care is the Day Treatment Program. 


Power of Recovery’s Day Treatment Program

Power of Recovery’s Day Treatment Program in Revere, MA, is ideal for those who need more structure and accountability in early recovery. While the majority of those who are enrolled in our Day Treatment Program have just completed an inpatient drug and alcohol detox or a residential stay at a clinical stabilization service, we find that anybody who has trouble maintaining long-term sobriety will benefit from our Day Treatment Program. Through our Day Treatment Program, clients will attend group therapy sessions as well as meet with their assigned counselor for an individual therapy session once a week.

What Can I Expect During Group Therapy in Power of Recovery’s Day Treatment Program?

Group Therapy is instrumental in helping drug and alcohol-addicted individuals develop interpersonal skills as well as hear from others who have similar experiences with addiction. Group therapy allows individuals to find a commonality that they may otherwise not experience. By learning that they are not alone, clients will see that their struggle is not unique. Through this identification, group therapy sessions serve to remove the feelings of isolation that are so common with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Some of topics covered in the groups that clients will participate in at Power of Recovery’s Day Treatment Program in Revere, MA are:

  • 12-Step Modalities: learning the basics of 12-step fellowships and how their programs serve to help those struggling with addiction.
  • Co-Occurring Disorders: clients will be educated on common co-occurring mental conditions that are not uncommon in those with a substance use disorder.
  • Anger and Stress Management: individuals will learn to identify triggers of stress and anger and develop healthy coping skills.
  • Psychoeducation: educational groups that will include subjects such as the neuroscience of addiction, trauma, the stages of change, and more.
  • Relapse Prevention: clients learn how to identify patterns of behavior that could potentially lead to relapse and establish a sober support network to rely on.
  • Interpersonal Skills: in a group setting, individuals will practice skills on communication, provide feedback to peers, as well as learn how to assert themselves in a healthy manner.

The group therapy session at Power of Recovery’s Day Treatment Program will be the bulk of the program, totaling 25 hours each week. By working together with other individuals affected by drugs or alcohol abuse, our clients will learn that through shared experiences they can relate to others who also seek recovery from addiction.

Individual Therapy for Substance Use Disorder in Revere, Massachusetts

The experienced team of trained and licensed counselors and therapists at Power of Recovery will meet with each client weekly to work on the underlying conditions of their addiction. Our clinical team will utilize proven methods of psychotherapy in individual therapy sessions. Individual therapy will utilize different modalities of therapy such as: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT), motivational interview (MI) and trauma-informed therapy. We find that by incorporating different therapeutic modalities into the client’s unique treatment plan, we are better able to address their individual needs and work on their goals for treatment.

Begin Your Journey on the Road to Recovery from Addiction Today

The road to recovery awaits. The dedicated team at Power of Recovery in Revere, MA, will work with individuals to establish a firm foundation of recovery and help achieve long-term sobriety for those who have struggled in the past to do so.  While we look forward to being a part of your process of breaking free from the hold that drugs and alcohol held on your life, we believe that recovery starts with the power in you. 

To speak to a member of our admissions team or if you are interested in more information about Power of Recovery’s Day Treatment Program in Revere, Massachusetts, please contact us at 781.629.4609.

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