Half-Day Treatment Program

Power of Recovery, located in Revere, Massachusetts is an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment center. Our goal is to help those individuals who are seeking relief from addiction. We offer several levels of care for our clients based on their treatment needs. 

We offer a Day Treatment Program, a Half-Day Treatment Program, and a Re-Entry Program. Most of our clients start with our Half-Day Treatment Program and move toward the Re-Entry Program.

Sometimes an individual’s schedule can make seeking help for their substance abuse a difficult task.

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Can I Attend a Drug and Alcohol Rehab with my Schedule?

Our team at Power of Recovery understands that we all have obligations in life. These day-to-day obligations may come in the form of family, work, or school. With everything going on in our individual lives, things can get hectic. For those individuals who have had a hard time maintaining their sobriety, Power of Recovery’s Half-Day Treatment Program is ideal. An individual can receive treatment for substance abuse anywhere from 9-15 hours each week at our drug and alcohol rehab center in Revere, MA. The flexible schedule of our Half-Day Treatment Program will allow you to meet your outside obligations while still addressing your treatment needs for substance abuse issues. The Half-Day Treatment Program at Power of Recovery offers the same benefits with the added flexibility to accommodate to your everyday life activities.


What are the Benefits to the Half-Day Treatment Program at Power of Recovery?

Beyond just the flexibility in an individual’s treatment schedule, our Half-Day Treatment Program in Revere offers a variety of services to meet your treatment needs.  Each client will participate in group therapy and individual therapy while attending the Half-Day Treatment Program at Power of Recovery. Along with the therapy sessions, we offer many services to our clients that will help them build a sober support network, develop coping strategies with stressors in their life, and facilitate a transition back to day-to-day life. Some of the services offered through Power of Recovery’s Half-Day Treatment Program are:

  • Virtual Telehealth Services: clients will meet with our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner via virtual Telehealth services.
  • Medication Management: many clients who are struggling with substance abuse often have co-occurring disorders. Our Medication Management services will help ensure that your individual needs are met in this regard.
  • Case Management: our case managers will assist clients with a variety of issues such as probation and other legal issues, communication with outside physicians and therapists, aftercare, and more.
  • Recovery Resources: meeting lists for support groups and 12-step fellowships will be provided to maintain a support system when returning to everyday life.
  • Placement for Sober Living: our team has a network of sober home resources to help clients who seek placement in sober living communities.
  • Tobacco Education: education and resources will be provided for those who wish to quit smoking and using tobacco products.
  • HIV/STD Education: clients will be educated on HIV and STDs as well as learn the risks associated with certain routes of administration of drugs that can result in infection.

The Half-Day Treatment Program at Power of Recovery’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab

At Power of Recovery, located in Revere, MA, we are comprised of dedicated professionals who have a common goal for our clients, recovery from addiction.  Our drug and alcohol rehab center in Revere has created a therapeutic environment that allows for a safe and supportive setting while providing the structure needed for those who struggle to maintain their sobriety in early recovery. When an individual is enrolled in our Half-Day Treatment Program, our team of counselors, therapists, and recovery advocates will work closely with them to develop a treatment plan that is geared to an individual’s needs and goals for treatment outcomes.
In Power of Recovery’s Half-Day Treatment Program, clients will attend group therapy for 9-15 hours each week (Monday – Friday) and have individual therapy once a week for one hour. The group therapy sessions will have clients engaged and participating with like-minded individuals who also struggle with substance abuse. During individual therapy, the client will get a chance to work on issues relating to the substance abuse and any underlying causes. If you have been unable to maintain your sobriety and seek help with managing your substance abuse issues but cannot commit to an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program, then Power of Recovery’s Half-Day Treatment Program in Revere, MA is right for you.

For those with more demanding schedules, Power of Recovery also offers a Virtual Half-Day Treatment Program that allows you to receive the guidance and support you need from the comfort of your own home.

If you struggle with substance abuse or are concerned about a loved one’s substance abuse, visit us at www.PowerOfRecovery.org or call 781.629.4609 to speak to a member of our admissions team about the Half-Day Treatment Program today.

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